Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Our Clients

Our clients are based throughout the UK and are following paths unique to them. Many are approaching retirement and require assistance to prepare for giving up work. Some have already retired and need help maintain their lifestyle or put their affairs in order to leave a financial legacy to their loved ones. Whatever your situation, whatever your needs, our advisers are passionate about helping you:

Throughout life our financial needs change. In the early years it’s often a priority to find the right mortgage deal and put in place protection to deliver peace of mind for your family. It can then quickly move on to organising finances to support a growing family or caring for aging parents.

Sometimes due to our busy lives these can fall to the bottom of the priority list which could lead to major repercussions. At WLS Financial Services we can help you address the life events ahead of you and implement a plan to achieve your goals, such as savings, education, retirement and tax planning.

Planning for retirement early will usually enable you to control not only when you retire but what income you will retire on. As most of us will spend 30 or more years in retirement, where we are no longer working and generating an income, it’s becoming more important than ever to plan wisely and early.

Reviewing and regularly monitoring your retirement plan with an expert can make a significant difference to your outcomes. Our advisers at WLS Financial Services can assist you to understand what you need to save now and, in the future, to achieve your goals when you retire, helping you maximise your pension savings and putting you back in control of your retirement.

Our clients who have reached retirement typically face two major issues. The first is how to maintain their lifestyle in retirement now that they are no longer earning. Coupled with this is how to invest their nest egg to deliver a steady stream of income.

At WLS Financial Services our expert advisers can assist you utilise your assets and help deliver a comfortable retirement to the best of your means. We can also guide you to invest your hard earned savings and pension funds to maximise your income while minimising risk.

Trusts provide flexible and effective solutions for a wide range of wealth and succession planning needs as well as for family and business requirements. However, the landscape in which they operate is ever changing and increasingly complex.

At WLS Financial Services we work alongside solicitors and estate planning specialists to assist trustees to manage the trust assets appropriately and fulfil their legal responsibilities.

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